I Fell & No One Is Here To Help Me Up!!!  And I don't identify as elderly, senior, or geriatric.

FINALLY!!! A mobile app made for people who live alone but don't want to be alone in an emergency situation.

Available on both iPhone and Android

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Benefit #1

It's non-intrusive.  No one will know you have the app until they need to know.

Benefit #2

Every morning you will get a daily dose of inspiration and motivation to brighten your day.

Benefit #3

You have the security of knowing if something happens to you and you can't communicate, you are not alone.

Here's How Check On Me™ Helps You Stay Connected With The People Important To You...

  • Step 1: Download the Check On Me™ mobile app
You'll receive a link to your phone to install the Check On Me™ mobile app.  It's as simple as clicking one button and then logging in!
  • Step 2: Set Up Your Emergency Contact List inside of Check On Me™ 
You only need to add at least 2 names and phone numbers of people you want the mobile app to text in the event you have an emergency or any situation that makes it difficult to communicate.
  • Step 3: Open the mobile app Check On Me™ every 24 hours to get your daily dose of inspiration and motivation
Your emergency contact list will only receive a notification if you fail to open the app for more than 32 hours.  

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Who Is Check On Me™ For...?

  • People that live alone
  • High School Grads headed to college
  • College Grads getting their 1st out-of-state job
  • ​Parents and Grandparents still living a full active lifestyle
  • Relatives or friends that live out of state
  • ​Anyone you know that prefers to live alone and doesn't want you constantly checking on them
  • People who believe cloud-based voice services like Alexa are spy software and will never adopt this technology
  • ​Military personnel on assignment
  • ​Frequent travelers and adventure seekers

Enter To Win A FREE Lifetime Subscription to Check On Me™ By Joining Our Waitlist Below...

I'm Cecelia - The Digital Marketing Maven

I'm the creator of Check On Me™.  I'm 50-ish, single, live alone, and I have no kids.  In a span of 15 months I lost the 4 most important people in my life, and my job, and then came Covid.

In the blink of an eye my circle became a dot.  My biggest fear was that I would be home alone and incapacitated, or even worse die, and no one would find me for days, weeks, or months.

Now I have other family and friends but I only communicate with them on a semi-regular basis at best.  My cousin once said, "I know you're okay because I see your posts on Facebook."  She was shocked when I told her I schedule my posts 30 days in advance.  

During one of my counseling sessions I mentioned to my therapist that he and the mailman are the only people that I see on a regular basis and they would be the 1st to know if something happened to me.  He said, "I'm not supposed to be that person for you".

But they were, and it could take weeks before either of them did a welfare check.  You know, that police visit when a concerned person calls the law because they haven't heard from you in a while.

Yeah, that was my life.  And that's when I decided to create the mobile app Check On Me™.  

A revolutionary mobile app that delivers a daily dose of inspiration and motivation with an additional feature to notify your emergency contact list if you don't check in on the app after 32 hours.  

This gives me the peace of mind knowing that I wouldn't be dying or dead and my dog, Pepper, eating off of me for weeks on end.  

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